What We Believe

First Congregational Church is a Southern Baptist Congregation that takes pride in doctrinal transparency and thoroughness. Below you will find the 5 Sola's of the Reformation that provide a general structure for our core beliefs and then you will find two links to explore more of our doctrinal convictions as communicated in our confessional standards of the Southern Baptist Convention's statement of faith called "The Baptist Faith and Message" and the historic Baptist document called the "1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith".

Sola Scriptura-Scripture alone is our highest and only infallible guide for faith and practice.

Sola Gratia-We are justified by grace alone and good works play no role in earning our salvation.

Sola Fide-We are justified through faith alone as trusting in Christ is sufficient for our salvation.

Solus Christus-The work of Christ alone is fully sufficient for our justification.

Soli Deo Gloria-God alone receives all the glory for our justification.




The bible is the infallible, inerrant word of the living God. Therefore it is our highest authority and we submit to what it says as God speaking to us. Tradition, our feelings and the culture must submit to Scripture not the other way around.


The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the pinnacle of the gospel. Jesus earned our righteousness and imputes it to us. Jesus receives our imputed sin and guilt and died for it. Jesus conquered the grave and lives today.

Jesus is our God, savior and Lord.


The church is the spiritual body of Christ. The local church is essential as it functions as a spiritual hospital, school, and military base. The church heals sinners, trains and teaches disciples of Christ, and prepares warriors for the kingdom of God to win spiritual battles.